Housing Maps Using Google Earth

Text Box: You can download needed Google Earth [GE] software  here. You will also need a fast internet connection to view these maps. 
Once GE is installed a left mouse click of a headline to the left will launch the map in GE [will take a few seconds to load], and a right mouse click will download the map, .KMZ extension, to your PC.
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You can zoom in on any individual place OR go to the GE toolbar and select View, Play Tour to automatically Fly Through ALL of the places on a GE Map.
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Google Earth Earned Income Tax Credit Map For the Portland Oregon Metro Area


Higher income = Greater housing affordability and choice.

The federal Earned Income Tax Credit [EITC] adds as much as $4,400 to the annual incomes of working families with children, and lifts more children out of poverty (2.4 Million) than any other federal program.

Go to the EITC in Oregon Section to learn MUCH more about the importance and the impact of the EITC in Oregon, or to the links page for other EITC background and resources.

This GE map shows $$ for each city with more than $1 million in EITC in 2002 in the 3 county Portland (OR) metro area. Data for the map was updated from an Oregon Federal EITC Excel database previously posted on the Oregon HUD website and now updated  to cover 1997-2002 and posted here.

The file size of this GE map is smaller than a single page of text, so it’s easy to email to others to open in Google Earth. The map can include geographic features, roads, schools, directions and more. The map also suggests other opportunities to illustrate demographic and social data with Google Earth.

GE Map—HUD Counseling Agencies in Oregon

This is a demo GE map of all HUD approved counseling agencies in Oregon. A mouse click on any agency icon reveals their contact information including their website, which can be opened within Google Earth in a browser window below, along with a “get directions” dialogue box. Compare the GE map to this 6 page  text version of this information from the national HUD web site and the value added by Google Earth, with a smaller file size, becomes clear.

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Ecola Park and Haystack Rock 
At Cannon Beach on the Oregon