32 small living room design ideas

small living room design ideas

small living room design ideas

shoose solid fabrics and use simple patterns for accent pieces to create comfort in a small living room, and use simple patterns and choose solid fabrics and use simple patterns for accent pieces, and there is more 32 small living room design ideas.

This simple tips provides the space with “breathing room,” reducing visual chaos.

Furniture that does double duty a sofa that becomes a guest bed, a coffee table that rises to dining height stretches the living room’s functionality.

If budget doesn’t allow for a total makeover, is it possible to rearrange, reupholster, or refinish what you already own?

Try moving furniture around a new position frequently brings a new perspective.

By all means, honor family history in this important room by displaying items with personal meaning.

Whether it’s a child’s first watercolor or a selection of seashells collected on vacation, these happy elements invite pleasant reflection and fill your home with joy – small living room design ideas -.

1 paint walls and trim

In a small living room, where the goal is to create the illusion of more space, paint walls and trim in pale, cool colors such as lavender, cloud blue, or sea green.

Cool colors recede from view, making walls feel farther away than they really are.

small living room

small living room

design tip

Use warm tones such as red and orange to create a space that is intimate, cozy, or dramatic.

2 small living room Paint

It’s possible to visually erase a room’s boundaries corners, baseboards, and crown moldings by working with a monochromatic color scheme.

Paint the walls and ceiling in an identical shade, and then choose a floor color that’s close in value.

3 Detail Paint

Paint the ceiling a high-gloss color to add sheen and drama to any room.

This works well when the ceiling is in near-perfect condition as high-gloss paint empha- sizes imperfections in the drywall.

4 Patterns

Patterns, which appear on fabrics or wallpaper, take up more visual

weight than solid expanses of color. Contemporary rooms usually forgo bold or aggressive patterns in favor of solid-color fabrics on large upholstered pieces.

Traditional rooms require a minimum of pattern for authenticity.

When pattern is desired, choose subtle color combinations such as those featured in tone- on-tone stripes or damask patterns, and use sparingly.

small living room design ideas 2

small living room design ideas 2

5 Evaluate the scale of furniture

Evaluate the scale of furniture before choosing a pattern for upholstery.

A dining  room chair seat cannot handle a repetitive pattern of large objects.

In contrast, a three-seat sofa dotted with a tiny motif is visually overwhelming, and the end result is a dizzy display that detracts from the comfort and beauty of any living room.

6 floor plan

When creating a floor plan, place the  largest pieces of furniture first to signify the premier activity center of the room. Most often the largest piece of furniture faces the room’s focal point : a great view, a handsome fireplace, or a television.

small living room design ideas

If the living room has a fireplace, it’s likely to be the focal point of the room.

Emphasize its role by selecting a subtly contrasting color for walls. If the mantle is unattractive and replacing it is not an option, minimize its impact by choosing a wall color that blends with the mantle.

7 Be aware of the room’s traffic patterns.

When possible, guide pedestrians  around (rather than through) conversa- tion areas.

Position the main seating area in the room’s center to create a traffic perimeter, or place furniture in a tight U-shape in front of the television set.

small room design ideas

small room design ideas

8 Don’t be misled by a room’s small scale when it comes to purchasing furniture.

A single large piece (or a select few  large pieces) actually creates the illusion of spa- ciousness and provides maximum comfort.

In contrast, tiny furniture has the potential to create an unwelcome and uncomfortable appearance.

9 Plan for a primary and secondary activity

Plan for a primary and secondary activity to take place  in the living room, creating a space that supports more than one function.

A game center or home office is easily accommodated in a small corner.

Or place a rectangular table in a bay window and provide footstools for occasional seating.

design tip ( small living room design ideas )

It’s preferable to choose an ample two-seat sofa rather than a small three-seat sofa. The slightly smaller sofa allows room for an end table.

10 comfort living room ( small living room design ideas)

For maximum comfort, select upholstered sofas and chairs  with narrow arms rather than over stuffed rolled version for main seating.

Large arms not only waste available floor space, they also make a room appear “bulky.”

small room ideas

small room ideas

11 Contemporary settings are ideally suited to the merits of a sectional sofa.

This functional, flexible piece of furniture repositions into a variety of permutations with armless versions providing the most flexibility.

In addition, the modular units fit effortlessly through narrow doorways and into apartment elevators.

12 Rely on small-scale occasional chairs to provide seating that is used only infrequently.

The often small scale of metal garden furniture, for instance, makes it ideal for this purpose.

Add comfort to foldup chairs with extra pillows or cushions borrowed from a nearby couch or chair. Perhaps store a few extra throw pillows for the chairs in a nearby chest.

13 In order to visually expand a room’s size, designers and architects include “negative” space where possible.

Negative space refers to the areas of emptiness that surround an item of furniture, such as the underside of a coffee table.

Furniture with legs rather than skirts and chairs with open backs allow light to travel more freely through the space.

The end result is a bright, airy setting.

14 Expand the apparent size of a small living room by incorporating reflective surfaces.

Wall mirrors are a main consideration; however, don’t overlook the current popularity of mirrored furniture such as folding screens, end tables, or coffee tables.

Or consider furniture with a high-gloss lacquered finish another technique for amplifying sheen and light.

design tip ( small living room design ideas )

Choose a coffee table with a shelf below the main surface to increase valuable storage and display space.

room design ideas

room design ideas

15 Transparent glass or Lucite furniture is unobtrusive, taking up little visual space within rooms.

Choose a clear coffee table to reveal a beautiful carpet beneath or a glass end table to “float” within the space. These see-through options work to produce a feeling of vastness.

16 Nesting tables are the perfect solution for small spaces that are used to host smashing parties!

These tables do not take up a lot of space and multiply upon request.

17 Look for furniture that has more than one purpose to increase the functionality of small rooms.

A spacious stool or upholstered ottoman becomes a side table with the addition of a sturdy tray or extra seating for those impromptu parties.

A drop-leaf table folds up against the wall creating a demilune or semicircular tabletop well suited to display.

Pulled away from the wall and opened to full size, the table easily becomes a desk or eating table.

18 If space limitations are really troublesome, try assembling furniture on an angle.

This may provide an opportunity to squeeze an extra chair into the seating arrangement.

19 To create a secondary seating group that uses a minimum of space, position a comfortable bench against a free wall.

Anchor the seating with an end table and light the area independently with a floor or table lamp. Hang an engaging piece of artwork above and watch guests gravitate to the inviting spot.

design tip

“Value” refers to the lightness or darkness of a color white has a low value and black has a high value.

20 Determine the ideal location for the television, stereo system, and any other item that requires electricity.

Then, if the outlets are not conveniently located, hire an electrician to make the necessary changes.

It can be tempting to place these elements where the outlets are located, but this is not always the ideal solution.

21 Custom slipcovers not only increase the life expectancy of upholstered furniture.

They also provide flexibility when it comes to style.

For example, transform a casual living room into a formal room for sitting with a change of slipcovers.

This high-impact transition allows you to customize any space as needed.

design tip

If rerouting outlets is not an option, find discreet tubing at a local home store and place it along a wall to reroute wires while neatly concealing them.

22 Take advantage of space in front of windows to position furniture.

A bench or pair of upholstered armchairs coupled with an ottoman creates a cozy spot beside a window for reading.

If you have plenty of seating already, place a desk, low bookcase, or other low storage options under a window and still enjoy the natural light and views.

23 Another way to put window space ( small living room design ideas )

to use is to fasten a ceiling mounted projection screen above the window, where it can be lowered as needed.

Since it’s ideal to watch movies in a darkened room, this solution is quite practical for walls with windows.

small living room design ideas

design tip

– small living room design ideas – If you have a wall with floor to ceiling windows, it is fine to put furniture in front of the window, but low furniture such as a bench is better as views are not blocked ” small living room design ideas ” .

24 Place a narrow console table behind the sofa if space allows.

This serviceable piece of furniture provides an ideal spot for table lamps and collections, @ small living room design ideas @ .

In some cases it encourages more intimate conversation groupings, as it requires the sofa to be placed in and away from the wall.

Sofa tables are also good transitions between the living room and dining room (or kitchen) when the back of the sofa is turned toward the other room.

25 Humanize the scale of a small living room with high ceilings by painting the ceilings in a slightly darker color than

the walls or by applying bead board (wood planks, natural or painted) to the ceiling.

Patterns on the ceiling visually lower the ceiling, and when it runs parallel to the room’s width it visually widens the space as well.

26 Tall bookshelve ( and there is more 32 small living room design ideas )

Tall bookshelves, stately armoires, and floor-toceiling shelving are just some of the elements that help homeowners utilize vertical space.

In lofts or condos where floor space is often limited to 1,000 square feet or less and air space is often doubled it’s important to take advantage of all available space.

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases as narrow as 12 inches sufficiently store books, most dishware, and accessories while sacrificing very little floor space.

27 To maximize the visual scale of a small living room

To maximize the visual scale of a room, choose an area carpet that embraces all of the furniture, placing

it beneath large pieces such as the sofa and chairs.

If you have beautiful wood floors beneath, leave a three to four inch perimeter of floor exposed to act as the room’s frame so you can still enjoy the wood floor beneath.

28 bookcases greater sense ( small living room design ideas )

To give bookcases or built in shelves a greater sense of depth, mirror the backs. Choose display items with care as their form is literally doubled by this technique.

29 Hide storage in plain sight by incorporating trunks, chests, and boxes into rooms with space limitations.

Employ a chest or trunk in place of a coffee table, or stack a group of decorative boxes beside the sofa to act as an end table.

30 Consider displaying only one collection within the living room.

For an avid collector this requires a lot of discipline. Keep in mind, the single collection will be most appreciated if this streamlined approach is followed.

Reserve other collections for adjacent rooms.

31 Link connecting rooms and expand interior views by repeating a signature pattern or color.

A dominant pattern may adorn draperies or an occasional chair in the living room and embellish only decorative toss cushions in an adjacent room.

Similarly, the same color used on living room walls may be an ideal accent color in adjacent rooms.

32 Cleverly conceal a television by recessing it within a wall.

A large piece of artwork or decorative mirror attached to heavy-duty tracks glides effortlessly over the alcove, hiding the big screen from sight.

Or hang a large tapestry from a decorative rod and slide it open to reveal the television ( small living room design ideas ).

This allows you to transform a formal living room into a casual family room simply by shifting the focus from a fireplace or symmetrically placed sofas, as examples, to the entertainment area.

conclusion ( small living room design ideas )

In larger homes, the living room is often demoted to infrequent use – small living room design ideas.


Not so with small homes, where every inch of space is utilized.

For one young couple, their small living room provided a destination for dinner parties, a cozy room for television watching, and a quiet retreat for reading.

In order to provide for the room’s demands, we designed a wall of bookshelves, incorporating the existing fireplace behind a new marble surround.

Rather than making the space feel smaller, the feature wall created a sense of depth and gave the room an impressive focus.

Painting the shelves to match the wall color imbued the room with a feeling of spaciousness.

A plasma television rests above the new mantel, it is equally situated for casual movie nights and vibrant gatherings.

A sofa extends the full width of the room, capturing maximum seating for the couple’s entertaining needs and serving as a comfortable spot that’s ideal for napping.

Two leather club chairs provide compact seating, nesting tables and a Plexiglas magazine rack are flexible enough to move freely about the room.

The camel color story is punctuated with royal blue, seen in pillows and accessories.

The midtone color appears fresh and lively in daylight. But deepens to rich caramel by evening, offering two distinct impressions within a single room ( small living room design ideas ).