Apartment Rules And Regulations : Care of Apartment

Apartment Rules And Regulations

Apartment Rules And Regulations

Care of Apartment

1. Apartment Rules And Regulations : No buds, cats, dogs or other animals shall be maintained in orabout the premises without the written consent of the owner, or his agent.

2. Fiery remains, trash, sweepings, soil, litter or deny will be wrapped and stored in waste repositories for that reason.

3. The water shall not be left running in bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in the demised premises, and all leks shall be immediately reported to the caretaker.

4. Signs or placards shall not be posted in orabout the demised premises orbuilding.

5. The toilets,sinks and wash-basins are to be used for the purpose for which they are intended, and no dust, rubbish, liner, coffee grounds,tea leaves, egg shells, paringsor garage are to be put into same except if a waste transfer framework for such purposes has been introduced.

6.No piano or other musical instruments shall be permitted to be played later than 9:OO P.M. or before 9:OO A.M., nor shall music betaught or pennitted to be taught – either vocal or instrumental.

No practicing whatever shall be permitted.

7. Sweepers, mops, toys and different articles will not be left in any region other than the correct stockpiling region for such things.

Apartment Rules And Regulations

Apartment Rules And Regulations

8.Tenants must not drive nails in walls.

9. Occupants must keep that piece of the premises which they possess and use as perfect and clean as the states of the premises grant.

10.Laundry washing and support of clothes washers inside the condo units are precluded.

Inhabitant will not utilize shower tubs,basin, nor kitchen sink for clothing purposes.

Damage to the plumbing equipment resulting from

Apartment Rules And Regulations

thisor any other abnormal use of the equipment must be repaired at the expense of the tenant.

1 1. At the point when individual warming gear, electric range, icebox or other programmed hardware is incorporated into the rental unit for the sole utilization of the inhabitant, such hardware will be kept in a state équivalent  to that which it was in at the time of occupancy by tenant, except for reasonable wear and tear.

Use of Halls, Roof, Etc.

  1. Children positively are not allowed to play in comdors, entrance halls, on the roof or in the basement
  2. No window sills, fire escapes, ledges or light shafts shall beused for storage purposes. Nopublic hallsor passageways shall,in any way, be obstructed by packages, boxes orotherwise.

3.All furniture, provisions, supplies, carts, material, etc., shall be received and delivered via the rear, basement, or other enmce denominated for such purpose.

4. Occupants are not allowed access to the rooftop aside from if there should be an occurrence of crisis or by authorization of administrator.

Use of Laundry

Apartment Rules And Regulations

1.Use of laundry includes the facilities only.

High temp water is provided for clothing purposes just during the standard warming hours.

2.Laundry room may be used only during the time allotted the tenant by the manager, and laundry must beremoved before closing time in the evening.

3. The Management maintains all authority to decline the occupant the utilization of the clothing and storeroom and all different building facilities for inability to agree to laws and statutes overseeing security

health and sanitation, or for disregarding the rules pertaining to such facilities.

4.Utilization of the clothing and its offices will be restricted to the washing of the typical individual and family unit articles.

Nocleaning with inflammable materials, nor dyeing will be permitted.

The owners or agents will not beresponsible for any articles lost,stolen or damaged on these premises.

The owner and agent reserve the right tomake such additional rules and regulations as they may deem necessary.