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If we talk about Wood frame construction house , so it has a lot of importance and popularity in the U.S and different parts of Europe. The best thing about constructing your homes is that it requires less equipment and tools to perform the task. Due to that, the duration of the construction time also decreases. If you are looking to make wood frame-based house construction, there are many things to know about. So today, we will be going to discuss them in the below sections.

Types of Frame Construction:

frame house construction

frame house construction


Wood frame construction: 

The wood frame construction is meant to be the widely used method to construct homes and other industrial and commercial buildings. The reason people tend to prefer this method is because of the economical rates. It’s also resilient against harsh weather conditions.

Another fantastic thing about Wood frame construction is that it never lets you towards restrictions when building a home. You are free to create different shapes, sizes, and styles of houses in this way. However, it requires a suitable foundation to construct this type of home. Moreover, you have to judiciously build the houses with the help of healthy erection and construction to expect better functions.

Light Frame Construction:

If we talk about the 1840s, so the U.S Suburban housings were dependent upon the Light frame Construction. They tend to use small and closely spaced members to build up the entire house.

In North America, you would see this method of house construction a lot.

The whole building process is broken down into four sections, including Foundation, Walls, Floors, and roof. The ultimate advantage of considering this method helps you to create redundancy in the entire system.

When you find the same light-frame way in the wood, things get more comfortable for you.


Timber Framed Construction:

Timber framed Construction of wooden house is another good option for you at the moment. Timber frames tend to be the ideal choice if you are demanding to create a home quickly.

One of the best things about this frame of houses is that it is constructed at a rapid pace compared to bricks and block house construction.

The quality of this structure of the house is higher as compared to other ways of construction. However, you have to get the perfect woods and person for this task. It is also considered the lightweight construction, so your amount and time to create the home also reduced.

The materials used in the creation of this house are sustainable and provides good finishing. It doesn’t depend upon the weather conditions, so you can safely follow this frame of the house.



The majority of the houses in America or Europe are made up of Woods. If we talk about sustainability, it’s way better than the block or brick constructed homes.

Therefore, it’s good to know about the depths of Wood frame structure types. For that, you can consider a timber frame, light frame, and wood frame. It comes with less investment and a more long-lasting effect for everyone.

wood frame construction

wood frame construction


wood frame construction

wood frame construction