Not everyone knows that every object that surrounds us is proportionate to man, the height of a table, the size of a bed, the height of the seat of a chair, etc. Each piece of furniture or piece of furniture has specific dimensions depending on the function it has and who will use it, for example tables and chairs for a nursery school will be much smaller than those built for a high school. Another aspect to consider is the space, you must always furnish an environment with furniture proportionate to the space you have available.

Below I will list the main dimensions of the furniture so as to have a general overview of the FURNISHING ACCESSORIES needed to furnish a house.



The Couch

One of the most cumbersome FURNISHING ACCESSORIES in the living room is the sofa, it can be of different shapes and, however, the dimensions are almost standard, the most common are listed below.

An armchair

it has dimensions of approximately

L90xP90xH (backrest) 80 cm

Un divano a due posti

ha dimensioni di circa

L 160xP90xH(schienale) 80 cm

A two seater sofa

it has dimensions of approximately

L 160xP90xH (backrest) 80 cm

Then there are the U-shaped sofas

or with chaise longues that have

lengths that vary

from 250 cm to 360 cm

Of course these dimensions differ from one company to another, you must always contact the shopkeeper and get the exact dimensions of the model you have chosen.

The sofa can be covered with different materials but I always recommend choosing one that is easy to clean and stain.



The table

Another essential piece of furniture is the dining table, it can be round, square or rectangular. The table can be created with different materials but the most common ones are in wood or crystal, the choice of one or the other varies according to the taste and style of furniture that you have chosen to use, of course the crystal is much more delicate and it is recommended not to place it in an environment where it will be exploited often.

equipped wall FURNISHING

equipped wall FURNISHING

The most common sizes are as follows:


The chairs are another important piece of furniture, as for the sofa, not only the aesthetic aspect but also the functional and comfort aspect.

They can be of various styles and shapes, they can be in wood with straw seat for a rustic style, or padded and covered in leather, eco-leather or in general with a washable fabric.

I always recommend creating color contrasts in an environment and the one between the table and chairs helps me not to make the environment look flat and monochromatic.

In some cases the chairs can also be used as touches of color, for example in the Pop style, in which all the chairs can also have different colors, but chosen with well thought out combinations.





The sideboard

Other furniture in the living room is the sideboard which is often inserted in the dining area and on which a decorative picture or mirror is usually placed.

In example 4 I show you the dining area of ​​ an apartment that I have furnished.The style chosen is the Scandinavian one, it can be seen from the typical chairs, the light colors of the walls and the natural wood of the furniture.

Through the chairs and some FURNISHING ACCESSORIES such as candles and books I gave a red color tip so as to create a chromatic contrast to the beholder but being the pastel yellow, the light wood and the red of the warm colors give a sense of continuity and harmony environment.

The design touch, on the other hand, is given by the staircase-shaped bookcase and the arched lamp that has the lampshade centered on the table.

The equipped wall

The equipped wall can be made in different shapes and colors because the furniture it is made of is modular. In addition to the wooden furniture, it can also be made with a plasterboard counterwall, but for this solution I recommend contacting a designer. Whether you choose one or the other solution it is usually created in such a way as to highlight the TV and possibly the fireplace if it is on the same wall, therefore given the variety of shapes that you can have, you will need to study the more creative design to make unique this wall.

Some important considerations should be kept in mind regarding the position of the sofa and the TV:

Depending on the thumbs of the TV, it is necessary to consider a certain distance from the sofa which serves not to strain the eyes and to better enjoy the vision of the programs. Below I will list those of the TVs most used in our times.


keeping in mind the height of your eyes when sitting on the sofa (or other seat), obtained this measure we can install the device at a height so that 1/3 of the screen remains above your eyes and 2/3 are below.




Curtains are a piece of furniture not to be overlooked because without them the room will seem empty.

They can be connected to a pole or to a track fixed to the ceiling or to the wall and are available in various models, the main ones being: Single curtains, curtains with two lowerings, glass curtains, panel curtains, Roman blinds, roller blinds.

Single-sheet curtains are widely used in modern or classic contemporary environments of small or medium size, my advice is to use a semi-covering fabric in light colors with a little curl, if you want you can also choose a fabric with some geometric designs so that the tent also has a decorative function

The curtains with two lowerings are similar to those with a single sheet, the difference lies in the fact that two narrower sheets are placed on the sides of the bottom sheet which act as a frame thus giving a very important aspect to the tent itself, precisely for this reason.

I recommend using them in medium or large rooms and when you want to give the room an elegant and elegant appearance.

Usually a semi-covering material with a very light color is used for the main curtain and a more opaque material with a dark color.

And / or decorated for the two abseils so as to create contrast, but don’t forget that they will also have to contrast with the wall.

Glass curtains

Glass curtains are usually used when you do not have the height and space needed to insert a track or pole, so they are placed directly on the glass using supports.

Panel curtains

Panel curtains are of modern conception initially they were mainly used in offices while now they are also used in homes.

It consists of rigid, straight sliding panels connected to a track with which we can adjust the opening and closing.

They can be of different colors and often decorated with designs so as to also create a decorative effect. Given their essential and square style, they are widely used in modern and contemporary environments

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are mainly used for windows, they are collected in the upper part of the window through a system of cords and rings, they can be smooth, pickled or curled and made of different materials and colors.



Roller blinds

Roller blinds are curtains often used in offices but in modern times they are increasingly popular even in the domestic environment, especially in modern and minimalist environments.

They are very functional and practical and can be obtained with blackout, transparent, semi-transparent fabrics and even with prints.

The wide range of accessories allows different solutions and choices of maneuver: manual (chain, spring, winch)  or motorized.

Venetian blinds

Compared to classic curtains, Venetian blinds allow you to adjust the intensity and direction of light with extreme precision thanks to the slats of which it is composed. Today, in addition to the manual models, motor « ized ones are also created that automate the closing of the curtain and the inclination of the slats.

The most innovative models include the double-glazed curtains in which the Venetian blind is placed between the two panes of glass that make up the window, in a sealed environment protected from dust, dirt and atmospheric agents.


Another important aspect is that of the fireplace. It is now disappearing in many homes but I find it to be a piece of furniture that makes a home even more welcoming and elegant. It is composed of the monobloc which can have variable shapes and sizes, the most used are corner, linear, double-sided, open on 4 sides, it can be powered by wood, gas, pellet and electric.

If you choose a wood or pellet power supply, I remind you that the chimney is necessary for the elimination of the fumes and therefore depending on where it has been set up.

It will then be necessary to choose the most suitable fireplace model, the important one, according to me, is that it is placed in the lounge area and near the TV .

So you can relax on the sofa to watch a good movie accompanied by the heat of the fire on colder days.

Once the monobloc model has been chosen, it will have to be embellished, usually it is done through a plasterboard structure with a well-studied and designed shape, which can be painted or even covered with tiles or marble.


The luminaires include all those FURNISHING ACCESSORIES that emit artificial light, such as chandeliers, spotlights, floor lamps, LED strips, etc. At first they had no aesthetic function while now they are part of those FURNISHING ACCESSORIES that are needed to characterize an environment.

They have different shapes depending on their function, the chandeliers are used for general lighting, floor lamps for reading or lighting a particular corner, spotlights.

For general lighting if placed in the carefully designed remote false ceiling based on the cone of light they emit, or for particular light if used to illuminate an object or more generally a particular point.

The wall lamps are used to decorate or highlight a point on the wall, the LED strips, generally used in modern environments , they are used to create soft and relaxing light effects.

So depending on the type of style you want to give to the environment to be created, the most suitable luminous bodies are chosen and from the same style of the environment.

Where to insert the various FURNISHING ACCESSORIES light devices?



We always take as an example the plan of the Hypothetical house which I mentioned in the previous chapters, in the figure below I have inserted the various “LIGHT POINTS” to which we will install the lighting devices.

As you can see in the center of the ceiling of each room there is a light point which will be used for the chandelier that will create general lighting.

Then in the various rooms there are other light points which will be used for particular lighting which varies according to the FURNISHING ACCESSORIES and function of the room.