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The housing finance system of the United States

The housing finance system of the United States is a marvel in its size, scope, and efficiency.

A strong American tradition of private ownership in conjunction with America’s modem day housing finance system has produced high quality housing for virtually all Americans and has over time increased the homeownership rate to the current 69 percent.

Home equity loan

Home equity loan

The housing finance system of the United States

The social and economic implications of these statistics are significant, e.g., household wealth in the United States is closely linked to housing assets. Thus, housing finance is of central importance to two critical sectors of the nationale conomy :

oneobvious,thehousingindustry,andtheother, less obvious, the larger financial system of the United States.

Americans use the system daily and seem to take it for granted, whether taking out a first-time mortgage or re-financing it.

It is accepted that the fundamental home loan capital will dependably be accessible on sensibly advantageous tkrms.

Few realize the complex underpinnings in histoy, law, and regulation that allow this capital to be so available, or appreciate the key role of the private sector in making the system so responsive to borrowers’ needs.

How the housing finance system came into its present state and how it functions are perennial questions of many delegations from other governments that visit HUD each year for briefings American expérience in housing policies and programs.

Forthisreason, the Office  of  Policy Development and Research, through its Office of International Affairs, has long been interested in a study that would explain the growth of this financial network over time.

Hence, this study, “Evolution of the U.S.

Lodging Finance System: A Historical Survey and Lessons for Emerging Mortgage Market,” was authorized, essentially for a global crowd.

It identifies those pivotal events in the development of the housing finance market, such as the creation of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in 1934, that helped to structure the current system, and it highlights lessons from the U.S. experience that may help arrangement change endeavors in the improvement of rising home loan markets.

I think that all those working on ways to improve housing opportunities, whether here or

abroad, will find this site enlightening and useful.