sip construction and sips house sip is an advanced construction method

sip construction

Structural Insulated Panels

SIPS is an advanced construction method which is in boom these days, sip construction. Structural insulated panels are used for building materials. These panels are highly efficient for all types of spectrums, either residential or commercials. It has so many eco-friendly benefits as well. These panels contribute to sustainable sip homes just because of having excellent thermal efficiency & cold bridging properties. Here you are going to know about SIPS in detail. Take a look.

sip construction

Structural Insulated Panels – sip construction

What is SIPS?

Structural insulated panels are manufactured with cement particle board & wood-based sheets. Two sheets are sandwiched together with rigid polyurethane insulation. Panels have thermal & sound insulation properties. It offers a vast range of versatility than other materials and provides an extremely strong end-product, which is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution as well. Majority sectors are opting for these insulated panels to save some time, money, and labor cost. This is widely being used in garden rooms, walls, and roofs for commercial & residential sectors.

How do SIPS Panels manufacture?

Structural insulated panels are constructed by inserting a rigid foam of insulation between two structural panels of OSB (Oriented Strand board). Various materials can be added for different purposes and always manufactured under factory-controlled conditions. Sips house is custom designed as well. These panels are available in different standard sizes.

Why do we need to choose advanced SIPs Panels?

It has been the most appropriate choice of people these days for constructing their homes with this advanced building material. We need to choose this because:

    Cold bridging would be minimum

    A robust solution than traditional building materials like brick & block

    We can do savings on labor amount

    It comprises of strong energy efficient Pre-insulated sip structure

    No more heat loss

    Widely use in commercial sectors

    Usable roof space is increased

    Eco-friendly solution

    It is maximum 7x stronger than timber frame structure

    U-value as low as 0.11

What are the key benefits of Structural Insulated Panels?

No worries, it is not as expensive as you have already experienced with other building systems. Here we have gathered a massive list of key benefits of Structural insulated panels.

High Thermal performance

Structural insulated panels offer excellent thermal performance that lasts long. It has a rigid core of polyurethane insulation that ensures the building is equally heated, and cold bridging is limited. It reduced heating costs as well.

Quick sip construction

The sip construction method has made the construction super faster and simpler. You won’t even imagine a four-bedroom house is erected within five days.

Provides more floor space

Structural Insulated Panels provide more internal floor space because sip structure always provides durability and insulation.

Eco-Friendly ( sip construction  )

Sip panel homes are one of the best environmentally friendly solutions for so many reasons. The structural insulated panels are made up of timber, which is a green building material, and we know timber is the renewable building material.

sip construction and sips house sip is an advanced construction method

sip construction and sips house sip is an advanced construction method

Minimum waste

SIPs are pre-engineered in a factory that results in low defect rates and minimum waste, as we see in other building material constructions.

Low Energy Bills

SIPs will give high-level airtightness, and yes, it is the best thermal efficient solution. It provides lower energy bills because of the best insulation level.

Air Tightness

Do you know poor airtightness is the main reason for heat loss? But sip construction always provide a controlled environment because of the airtightness, and there will be no heat loss.

Design Flexibility

You would get the best structural flexibility of designs with these panels. It is one of the best solutions to convert your building into a wide range of applications.

Robust Structure

With SIPs, you will get a robust structure as compared to other building materials. It has solid core construction for the inner SIP panel to last long. You will find this stronger than the wooden frame structure.

Minimum U-Value Walls

Structural Insulated Panels provide incredibly high thermal performance with rigid insulation core and minimum U-values that helps you to save heating costs.

Easy to assemble ( sip construction  )

Panels are lightweight and easy to assemble for the site. SIPs are known for the durable option and withstand all weather conditions. Sip house construction is a bit easier now with assembling property.

No more additional support required

With sip construction no need for additional structural support, just like beams and trusses for the ceiling. It has superior insulation and soundproofing.

What are the disadvantages of sip construction ?

Well, where we have discussed its detailed key advantages, here are some considerations for this as well. Take a look

    Panels are pre-fabricated, and there is probably a minimum chance to make changes to incorporate the new design.

    Experts are needed for the installation because the majority of people are not familiar with this advanced construction.

    It’s highly essential to protect these panels from getting wet because it is vulnerable to moisture. This is a reason sip walls need much more attention.

A Quick View on sip construction Types :

Structural Insulated panel construction is divided into four major types.

    Insulation Core: Basically, it consists of a solid rigid board, and it is made up of small foam beads, and one of its types uses injected fiber-free rigid core but these both types affect the cost

    Panel Joining method: It helps with lowering down the Wall U value for minimizing the air leakage at connection joints. These panels provide excellent durability and strength.

    Intermediate Floor Construction: The first one is timber I- joist, and the second one is posi-joist. Both products are topped with floor deck.

    Depth of Panel: For lower energy homes, these panels have better thermal performance, and these panels have range 95mm to 195mm, and larger panels have 172mm size.

A Quick View on sip construction Types

A Quick View on sip construction Types

What limitations we have to face with sip construction?

    Well, there are two main limitations that we have to face with sip construction :

Budget Limitations

Yes, it will give you a tough time on a budget, and we have to pay according to its specification, design scheme, and last but not the least company you have chosen for this purpose.

Site limitations

Make sure you have the right plan to top get your panels on site. It has been seen crane is necessary to lift heavy & long roof panels. The site is giving some difficulties, but telescopic handlers or cranes are used to lift long roof panels.

This was a detailed overview of Structural Insulated Panels. Make sure you people know everything in detail before installation.